Kid Vargas (Raúl Castillo) is forced to face up to some devastating truths after he kills his opponent in the boxing ring. 

Writer/Director: Jules Nurrish 

US, 2012   |  TRT: 11 mins


Kiss Me is available to stream on iTunes and is distributed by Ouat Media. The film screened on PBS television in 2013.


Atlanta Film Festival 2013: Grand Jury Prize, Pink Peach Short

Palm Springs ShortFest 2012: Alexis Award for Best Emerging Filmmaker

Bend Film Festival 2012: Best Student Short

Official Selection

New Orleans Film Festival 2013

Atlanta Film Festival 2013

Austin Film Festival 2012

Outfest 2012

Image+Nation Montreal 2012

Oaxaca Film Festival 2012

Palm Springs ShortFest 2012

Bend Film Festival 2012

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